Granular Alchemy
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Jacob Anderskov - Piano
Chris Speed - Sax + clarinet
Michael Formanek - Bass
Gerald Cleaver - Drums

Anderskov says

“This quartet brings together different threads in my production in a way I had dreamed about for some time. It draws upon the large-scale music I have composed for a.o. Anderskov Accident, and yet has a spirit and a kind of awareness also found in my smaller groups and in my solo work.

The compositions here are all from a larger series of compositions with a metaphori- cal starting point concerning basic elements/ materials. (Other compositions from that series - a.o. Bone, Water, Wood & Soil - have found their way into the repertoire of other ensembles, and will probably appear on future albums).

The album title (Granular Alchemy) refers to these materials, with a focus on partly their tactility, partly the mental concept of them in culture/religion & science over the millenia, and partly the possible chances of transforming the materials or the concepts of them through conscious or mystic human actions.
It is an ongoing adventure to play this music with these musicians. I am grateful to be allowed to experience this.”

“For those who still didn’t know, there is by now no way around real- izing that Jacob Anderskov belongs to the most extraordinary artists of contemporary music... A high point in improvised Music... Rarely has one in recent times encountered a conceptually free and simulta- neously beautiful as well as exciting project.” - Hans-Jürgen von Osterhausen, Jazz Podium, germany. May 2010 (on Agnostic Revelations).

“Over the last decade or so, pianist Jacob Anderskov has emerged as one of the most exciting and original voices ... deeply modern...”
(4 stars of 5) - Peter Margasak, Down Beat, november 2010.

”Danish pianist Jacob Anderskov’s playing comes across to me as a quiet celebration, even in passages of high density or volume. His virtuosity is never in question, and his conception of note and chord relations is deliciously complex. Yet, every note is medita- tive, seemingly born of long introspection. Connoisseurs of the piano should take note, as this is one of the most original voices I’ve heard on the instrument in some time.” - Marc Medwin, Cadence Magazine (usa), April 2007.

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