ILK Sessions at 5e (10 Year Anniversary Edition) // July 3 - 11 June 22, 2021 22:39

36 concerts with avant-, improv- and jazz related sounds :: July 3-11 :: DJs every night :: Food and drinks in the cozy cobblestone alley :: Official venue, Copenhagen Jazz Festival

For 10 years the frontrunners at ILK have played new music hybrids, avant-, improv- and jazz related sounds in the intimate and raw setting of 5e – an old slaughterhouse in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking district. This year the artist run collective is returning to celebrate its 10-year anniversary with an amazing program of 36 concerts featuring an unpredictable and intense melting pot of tradition, avantgarde and innovation delivered with a burning love for music.

The daily concerts feature a mix of solo acts, established bands and new constellations plus several exciting international guests including Roger Turner (UK), Emanuele Maniscalco (IT), Margaux Oswald (CH), Christopher Dell (DE), Tobias Wiklund (SE), Susana Santos Silva (PT), Marc Ducret (FR), Liudas Mockunas (LT) & Almut Kühne (DE).

Between concerts a group of reputable DJs will play in the cozy cobblestone alley in front of 5e, where food and drinks are also served.

ILK Sessions at Copenhagen Jazz Festival are part of an exciting series of concerts spanning 2021 that celebrates musical meetings. The series were kicked off with a livestreaming session at The Lake Radio and will continue through 2021 with concerts at KoncertKirken, H15, 5e, Brorsons Kirke and more.


Korpset - 17.00
Ericson/Klapper/Fite feat. Roger Turner (SE/GB) - 20.00
Lotte Anker Subhabitat - 21:15
TBA - 22.30

DJ: Rasmus Cleve

ZAV (DK) - 17.00
Maniscalco/Bigoni/Solborg (IT/DK) - 20:00
Simon Toldam Trio (DK) - 21:15
Shitney (DK/EST) - 22:30

DJ: Kresten Osgood

Jesper Løvdal Duo (DK) - 17:00
Oswald/Ericson/Berre (CH/NO/SE) - 20:00
Anker/Kurzman (DK/AU) - 21:15
Strange Brothers (DK) - 22:30
DJ: Randi Pontoppidan

Immun (DK) - 17:00
Stefan Pasborg/Jeppe Zeeberg/Jakob Munck (DK) - 20:00
Klökkeblömst (DK) - 21:15
KöKø #6 (DK/DE) - 22:30

DJ: Anders Melgaard

Søren Kjærgaard Musica Mundana feat. Dell, Westergaard, Osgood (DK/DE) - 17:00
Dell/Westergaard/Lillinger (DK/DE) - 20:00
Kjærgaard/Westergaard/Bruun TRIO (DK) - 21:15
Teeth (DK/SE/NO) - 22:30

DJ: Oliver Hoiness

Lucatelli - Ericson - Müntzing - Berre (BRA/SE/NO) - 17:00
Jacob Anderskov ANTERIOR CURRENT (DK) - 20:00
Scram feat. Dawda Jobarteh (INT) - 21:15
STORK (DK/SE) - 22:30
Kresten Osgood Trio (DK/US) - 23:30

DJ: Kasper Jepsen

Søren Kjærgaard Solo (DK) - 17:00
Kresten Osgood Kvintet (DK/SE/NO) - 20:00
Mark Solborg TUNGEMÅL feat. Santos Silva, Toldam & Bruun (PT/DK) - 21:15
Emerald (DK) - 22:30
Dawda Jobarteh/Stefan Pasborg Duo (GM/DK) - 23:30

DJ: TS Høeg

Solborg/Banke/Heebøll (DK) - 17:00
Marc Ducret "SHOUT" (DK/FR) - 20:00
Liudas Mockunas, Jacob Anderskov, Stefan Pasborg - “MAP - 20 years after” (DK/LT) - 21:15
Du Ka Svøm (DK) -22:30

DJ: Lotte Anker

AC/Berg/Wiklund/Toldam (DK/SE) - 17:00
Müntzing/Wikström (SE) - 20:00
Almut Kühne, Francesco Bigoni, Mark Solborg (DE/IT/DK) - 21:15
DOOM vs. M. Rexen (DK/NO/UK) - 22:30

DJ: Jomi Massage

- A corona-pas is required
- We have limited capacity and we recommend buying your tickets in presale via: The remaining tickets will be available at the door
- During the event all guidelines from the Danish authorities will be followed - including lots of sanitizing and a social distancing friendly environment.

The ILK sessions are supported by:
KODA Kultur
Statens Kunstfond
Københavns Kommune

Volunteer with ILK at 5e / CPH Jazz Festival June 11, 2021 13:57

Do you want to hang out at the 5e stage with its avant-, improv- and jazz related sounds during Copenhagen Jazz Festival? Sign up here

ILK Sessions at The Lake April 16, 2021 11:54

ILK and The Lake Radio will be transmitting live from Copenhagen, Denmark with intense concerts and engaging musical discussion. The radio programming will be in Danish but the music will be comprehensible to anyone with open ears 

ILK Sessions at 5e ♪July 8-11 June 23, 2020 13:58

Despite the odds the frontrunners from the artist collective ILK will feature 12 concerts with original avant-, improv- and jazz related sounds this summer. Join us July 8-11 and enjoy LIVE music in an intimate, yet corona-friendly setting at our favourite spot, the old slaughterhouse ‘5e’ in Copenhagen’s meatpacking district.

Out Today: Two New Releases From Jacob Anderskov June 19, 2020 12:07

Jacob Anderskov: ANTERIOR CURRENT. Solo, studio recording.


About ANTERIOR CURRENT: Jacob Anderskov takes on European 20th century modernism. In the optimal studio setting of The Village, he recorded note-by-note versions of modernist pieces and free improvisations around them. However, the sonic approach is far from a regular composed new music piano album: The microphones, preamps and converters were chosen for their warmth, not any idealized “neutrality”. _ Press release: JA_Anterior Current_Press_UK – EPK for ANTERIOR CURRENT

Stream or download here:

Jacob Anderskov: IMPRESSIONS OF BOWIE: Solo, live recording.


About IMPRESSIONS OF BOWIE: Pianist Jacob Anderskov, having released numerous acclaimed albums with his own compositions, turns to the music of David Bowie. Recorded live in concert, the album captures Anderskov solo on Fazioli Grand Piano and prepared piano. It is a solo piano take on very well known songs, the approach being one of radical remakes, not loyal renderings. Press release: JA_Impressions_Of_Bowie_Press_UK – EPK for IMPRESSIONS OF BOWIE 

Stream or download here:


Boelger - Lydkollektivet Newclear January 24, 2020 11:58

Boelger is a collection of sci-fi and psychedelic instrumental landscapes that surrounds vocal stories about our relationship with living and dying. The music is created in a unique collaboration where the different band members are connected and able to improvise with each others sounds. Together this creates a delicate mix between electronic manipulated sound, acoustic sound, and field recordings. The inspirations are diverse and come from a.o. ambient, serial music, krautrock, west-african and east-asian music.

Listen on your favourite streaming service here

(The EP is only available digitally)

ILK Sessions at Vinterjazz January 10, 2020 13:53

February 20th-23rd + 27th 

Wonderful and wild growing music will flourish in KoncertKirken and the old meatpacking district of Copenhagen during Vinterjazz 2020.

Once again the frontrunners at ILK artist collective and record label has set the scene for an adventurous 4+1 day program. This year primarily at H15-studio - a new intimate venue in the old meatpacking districtDuring the course of 16 concerts the ILKs will present original music played by special occasion ensembles, original groups and an impressive array of international and local guests including Axel Dörner (DE), Christof Kurzmann (AT), Nina De Heney (SE), Martin Klapper (CZ), Maria Faust (EST), Øyunn (NO), Gianluca Elia & Domen ice Villani (ITA), Egil Kalmann (SE), Ståle Liavik Solberg (NO), Guoste Tamulynaite (FI), Ole Rømer (DK), Lars Andreas Haug (NO), Niklas Fite (SE) a.o. + the ILKs themselves and a few surprises. 

The H15-studio space appeals to sonic investigations and several acts will be experimenting with quadrophonia, misc. multispeaker-set-ups and more in the realm of surround-fields. 

As a special treat the Sunday 23rd afternoon program holds three short movies created by ILKs in collaboration with different directors and artists. The shorts will be shown at the H15 studio widescreen, high end projector and Turbosound equipment intertwined with live acts.

On February 27th The ILK/BlowOut PULS series 2020 opens with a double concert at KoncertKirken feat: Tamulynaite/Fite/Kalman/Solberg (NO/LT/SE) + Faust/Haug/Bruun (DK/EST/NO) 

This is ILK at its best: An unpredictable and intense melting pot of tradition, avantgarde and innovation delivered with a burning love for the music.

Both KoncertKirken and the H15-studio bar offers a great selection of beer, wine and drinks. At the H-15 restaurant you can enjoy an excellent meal before or in-between concerts.

See the entire program and updates here:

How to get there:
H-15 Studio 


The ILK Vinterjazz sessions are supported by:

Statens Kunstfond, Nordic Culture Fund/PULS, KODA’s Cultural Funds, Goethe Institut Dänemark, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation and JazzDanmark.


ILK is an artist-run label and collective of 21 musicians and composers reflecting the vibrant scene of Copenhagen, releasing new music hybrids, avant-, improv- and jazz related sounds by artists acknowledged as innovators on an international scale.

ILK is:

Anders Banke, Anders Filipsen, Francesco Bigoni, Jacob Anderskov, Jakob Davidsen, Jeppe Skovbakke, Jesper Løvdal, Kasper Tranberg, Kresten Osgood, Laura Toxværd, Lotte Anker, Mark Solborg, Nils Bo Davidsen, Peter Bruun, Peter Danstrup, Qarin Wikström, Simon Toldam, Stefan Pasborg, Sture Ericson, Søren Kjærgaard og Torben Snekkestad.

The ILK Shop Will Be Closed Between Christmas And New Years December 20, 2019 13:56

All orders will be shipped Monday, January 6th

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from all of us at ILK

Order before December 16th to receive your goods before Christmas December 11, 2019 14:14

Our postman requires 3-6 business days to deliver, so order your avantgarde Christmas presents before Dec. 16th to receive them in time.*

2019 ILK Releases December 10, 2019 12:02

Tidens strøm is a studio recording of songs composed by Laura Toxværd. The lyrics are also written by her and bring elements from N.F.S. Grundtvig’s poem «Nyaarsmorgen» into play. Both inspiration from the Swedish songwriter Bellman and the American free-jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler mixed a linguistic interest in existence, nature and folk culture in the 19th century Norden had an impact on the making of music.


Release date: November 15th, 2019
Cat no: ILK292LP
Available as LP and digital
Read more about the album and purchase here

Drapery is a recording of graphic notated songs by Laura Toxværd. The album is a mix of improvisation and composition. About her compositional process she explains: «Sometimes I need something abstract and improvisational, and then I like to design a graphic score where I note this to the musicians. Other times, I see the need for something that has more to do with tones, harmonies and rhythms, and then I note it on music paper.» 

Release date: November 15th, 2019
Cat no: ILK293LP
Available as LP and digital
Read more about the album and purchase here

Songbook contains texts, lyrics and notations of the two albums Tidens strøm & Drapery. Music, words and images are mutually embedded in each other in the sense that the notations in the songbook can be considered visual expressions of the sound of the albums’ music. And the other way round is the music created from the songbook’s lyrics and notations. The texts in the book tell about the process the entire work went through while it was being created.
Release date: November 15th, 2019
Cat no: ILK294
Read more about the book and purchase here

Listening to Dear Earthling by Fosterchild is to step into a universe which is deeply sensitive and intuitive, yet highly sophisticated in its proportions and dimensions. Uniting a post-jazz and contemporary music (Echtzeitmusic) -vibration, with a deeply existential introspection, it is the sound of surrendering to things grander than ourselves. In November 2018, Deutschlandfunk’s Harald Rehmann offered the ensemble three days in the large recording room in Cologne. These recordings have now been mixed and mastered - and the dialogical interplay is ignited and igniting.
Release date: October 25th, 2019
Cat no: ILK295CD
Available digitally, on CD
Read more about the album and purchase here
Hverdagsforvandling (roughly translated as “everyday transformation”) is a 4th solo Release by Nils Bo Davidsen. This collection of pieces ranging from solo fantasies on collages to painstakingly composed soundscapes hints at the fact that if you just do one thing every day – something you have never done before – you can transform your day into a three-dimensional, colourful experience.
Release date: April 26th, 2019
Cat no: ILK291CD/LP
Available digitally, on CD & LP
Read more about the album and purchase here

"And as he finishes with "Dinner Root", we have been through an exceptionally beautiful journey in the cello's sound universe, which is both exciting, fascinating and beautiful." (Salt-peanuts)

In 1976 Strange Brothers was formed by Simon Spang-Hanssen, Peter Danstrup og Ole Rømer. Later the same year the group won 1st price at the International Jazz Festival in Dunkerque, France, and shortly after saxophone legend John Tchicai joined the band. In the following years the toured a lot in former West- and East Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Two iconic records were made: ‘Darktown Highlights’ and ‘Free Concert’. Critics called the band ‘the white swan of Danish jazz’ and now they're back! The present release "The Bird Next Tree" is shaped by the diversity of the composers and demonstrates a remarkable breadth, versatility and flexibility.
Release date: April 12th, 2019
Cat no: ILK290CD
Available digitally & on CD
Read more about the album and purchase here
"It is very easy to get thrilled about that Strange Brothers are back together." (Jazznyt)

”Stand On Your Feet and Fight” is a new release by Peter Jensen & DR Big Band that deals with Danish colonial history through music and field recordings. The work is intended as a contribution to the debate on how Danmark holds a past as a slave nation and colonial power in its national identity. On the occasion of the centennial of the sale of The Danish West Indian colonies to The United States, The Royal Danish Library asked composer Peter Jensen to write a work for the DR Big Band, based on material from the library's collections. The result ended far from the "calypso project" that the DR Big Band had wanted and the concert performances received mixed receptions with both enthusiastic reviews and furious audiences demonstratively walking out during performances.
Release date: May 3rd, 2019
Cat no: ILK289LP
Available digitally, on CD & LP
Read more about the album and purchase here
5/5***** "Any music that can make one think afresh about the transcendent soulfulness of Coltrane's Alabama or the dialectics of Kierkegaard has to have something special to it" (Jazz Journal)
OMHU is the fourth album by Simon Toldam Trio, where the band presents a series of sonic explorations in slowness, elaborating on the concept of the titular word, which in Danish means “being precise, careful, and conscientious in the execution, treatment, or care of something.” Recorded in the magnificent acoustics of Germany’s Sendesaal Bremen, the trio explores Toldam’s freshly composed material with the utmost OMHU, vibrating presence, and breathless depth. 
Release date: February 15th, 2019
Cat no: ILK288CD/LP
Available digitally, on CD & LP
Read more about the album and purchase here
"It is a different musical approach to the boppers,' but the uncompromising integrity of the aesthetic is the same." (All About Jazz)

4 ILK Nominations @ Danish Music Awards Jazz November 6, 2019 15:43

Huge congrats to ILK artists Simon Toldam, Qarin Wikström and Jacob Anderskov for their Danish Music Awards Jazz nominations.

They are nominated in the following categories:

Simon Toldam Trio - Omhu
Q (Qarin Wikström) - Up Up Up

Simon Toldam Trio - Omhu
ZAV (Jacob Anderskov) - Out of the Spectacle

The award ceremony will take place November 18th. Wish them luck! 

You can read more about DMA Jazz here (in Danish)

ILK søger ny Label Manager! October 6, 2019 14:21

Downbeat Magazine about ILK, February 2019 September 1, 2019 19:23

DownBeat, February 2019:

"Prominent players [in Copenhagen] making a global impact include saxophonist Laura Toxværd, percussionist Marilyn Mazur, trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg, guitarist Jakob Bro and drummer Kresten Osgood."

ILK Music @ a new sync platform Frankly My Dear! July 1, 2019 11:00

A few picks form ILK catalogue can now be found on a newly established sync platform Frankly My Dear!

Frankly My Dear is a Scandinavian sync agency that offers a gallery of curated signature songs, non-published recordings  & other secret gems by a group of emerging & established nordic composers.

More info at



ILK Sessions at 5e ♪ Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2019, 5-14 July June 14, 2019 13:21

Once again the frontrunners at ILK artist collective and record label has set the scene for an amazing 10 day program at festival hotspot 5e. During the course of no less than 40 concerts the ILKs will present original music played by special occasion ensembles, original groups and an impressive array of international and local guests including Marc Ducret (F), Piero Bittolo Bon aka Spelunker (ITA), Phillip Gropper (DE), Elias Stemeseder (AU), Isak Hedtjärn (SE), Torbjörn Zetterberg (SE), Ole Rømer (DK), Ikue Mori (JP), Sissel-Vera Pettersen (NO), Haruhiko Okabe (JP), Jesper Zeuthen (DK), Gunther Baby Sommer (DE), Lars Greve (DK), Martin Klapper (CZ), Joe Williams (US), Johanna Borchert (DE), Sebastian Gille (DE), David Helm (DE), Fabian Arends (DE), Chris Speed (US), Jacob Buchanan (DK), Susana Santos Silva (PT), Paul Lovens (DE) & the ILKs themselves + a few surprises.

The concerts will take place both outside and inside the old slaughterhouse.

Experimental site specific sound-installations by the ILKs will be at display every afternoon in the cozy alley.

The 5e-bar serves food and liquids.

TICKETS - preferably MOBILEPAY (or cash) at the door:
Afternoon shows at 16:30 - 50 DKK
Evening shows at 20:00 - 120 DKK
All day - 150 DKK
Partout (10 days) - 600 DKK

Find the entire program info below & at


16:30 Jacob Anderskov’s ONTO OCCIDENT
20:00 Solborg / Banke / Heebøll (DK)
21:30 Ericson / Hyhne / Davidsen / Osgood (SE/DK)
23:00 Kresten Osgood Quintet

16:30 Snekkestad / Kjærgård Duo (NO/DK)
20:00 ClariNest+Spelunker - Bigoni / Bittolo Bon (ITA)
21:30 All Too Human (DK/F)
23:00 Osgood/Gropper/Stemeseder (DK/DE/AT)

16:30 Disgusting Semla (ITA/NO/SE)
20:00 Kontakt (DK/SE)
21:30 Snekkestad Surprise
23:00 Strange Brothers (DK)

16:30 Korpset (DK/NO/..?)
20:00 Anker / Mori / Kerbaj + drums tba (DK/JP/USA/LB/DE)
21:30 VéloVélo (DK/NO)
23:00 Anker / Toldam / Solborg / Lovens (DK/DE)
24:00 Kjærgaard/Bruun/Westergaard (DK)

16:30 Silence Trio (DK/NO)
20:00 Santos Silva / Greve / Solborg / Lovens (PT/DK/DE)
21:30 Løvdal/Haruhiko Okabe (DK/JP)
23:00 ZAV Zeuthen / Anderskov / Vestergaard (DK)

16:30 Duo Campanula (DK)
20:00 HAQ (DK/NO/SE)
21:30 Søren Kjærgaard special (DK)
23:00 Anderskov / AC / Høyer - Temporal Allusions (DK)

16:30 S.d. Boreas (DK)
20:00 Laura Toxværd solo (DK)
21:30 Maniscalco / Bigoni / Solborg (DK/ITA)
23:45 Lotte Anker & Friends

16:30 Pasborg solo (DK)
20:00 Baby Sommer / Jesper Løvdal (DE/DK)
21:30 Fosterchild (DK/DE)
23:00 The Firebirds (DK)

16:30 Laura Toxværd Trio (DK)
20:00 Ericson / Klapper / Fite + Joe Williams (SE/CZ/US)
21:30 Q Cycles (SE/DE/DK)
23:00 Faust/Solborg/Tomo/Finsrud (EST/DK/PL/NO)

16:30 Ytterlandet - Ericson/Olsson/Berre (DK/SE/NO)
20:00 Speed / Buchanan / Toldam (DK/US)
21:30 Anders Filipsen Trio (DK)

How to get there:

ILK Sessions at Jazzhus Montmartre January 21, 2019 16:06

During This year’s Vinterjazz festival ILK opens a new and exciting collaboration with the legendary Jazzhus Montmartre. Over the course of six Tuesdays from February to April ILK has curated an gathered 12 unique acts especially for this koncert series. Invited special guests include Cæcilie Trier (DK), Thomas Lehn (DE), Evan Parker (UK), Thomas Strønen (NO), Pat Thomas (UK), Raymond Strid (SE), Siv Øyunn Kjenstad (NO) and Sten Sandell (SE).


More info and RSVP links:

12/2: Davidsen/Nørbo Duo + Solborg/Bigoni/Lehn

26/2: Laura Toxværd/Cæcilie Trier + Silence Trio 3

12/3: Parker/Solborg/Bruun + Anderskov/AC/Høyer

26/3: Snekkestad/Kjærgaard + Ericson/Thomas/Strid

9/4: Qarin/Siv + Toldam/Snekkestad/Bruun/Wangreen

23/4: Duo Campanula + Anker/Sandell Duo

Kresten Osgood Quintet Plays Jazz out on November 30th! November 30, 2018 07:30

From the already vibrant scene of Copenhagen rises a group extraordinaire! A quintet led by Kresten Osgood, one of the busiest and finest European improvising drummers, featuring hand picked selection of the most prolific younger generation improvisers from the local scene. The outcome is ballistic! Their album is as straight forward as it's name suggests, Kresten Osgood Quintet indeed plays jazz, interpreting a wide selection of less known tunes from Dolphy, Monk, Mingus, Ellington, Davis, Jerome Cooper, Elmo Hope, and a few Osgood's originals...

More info:

Electro-acoustic trio TEETH releases their debut "Open Up" November 16, 2018 08:00

“Welcome to an auditive anarchy where the sound palette is expanded to the extreme”

Scandinavian trio TEETH released their debut album "Open Up" on the 16th of November. A tribute to both electronic music, free improv and sound art on an album that’s been created through improvisation where the bands focus on working as an organism has been manifested.

The trio unites three highly interesting scandinavian musicians within electro-acoustics. TEETH is Anders Filipsen (DK), Herman Müntzing (SE) og Håkon Berre (NO), who on ‘Open Up’ in an organic whole explores objects and auditive textures. The broad variety of soundscapes varies between static moments and noise, extreme dynamics, uneven rhythmical structures, minimalism and scruffy landscapes.

Kasper Tranberg's "Terzet" marks the second release of his trilogy “Suite Cobra” October 12, 2018 09:30

This album was recorded after a month-long artist in residence at the underground club 5E in Copenhagen and presents an intimate frame for Tranberg’s heartfelt playing, and is a beautiful portray of textures, extended forms, melodic interplay and a deep feeling rooted slow grooves and repitition.The interplay in the Terzet finds its foundation in 25 years of friendship and collaborations.

More info here

Number 2 in Silence Trio series by Jakob Davidsen is out! September 28, 2018 09:00

Silence Trio 2 by Jakob Davidsen feat. Sissel-Vera Pettersen & Randi Pontoppidan is out on CD and digitally. 
Silence Trio 1, which came out last year, received several great reviews, and was chosen by The New York City Jazz Record as one of the most remarkable releases of 2017 worldwide.

More info here



ZAV - Zeuthen/Anderskov/Vestergaard "Out of Spectacle" out on vinyl September 21, 2018 11:11

“Out of the Spectacle” is the crystallisation of a continuing collaboration between three Danish improvising musicians from three different generations, that places itself somewhere between textural improvisation, expressive free jazz and abstract soul. Together the three musicians create a non-conceptual and bodily music that meets the audience in a both challenging and atoning way, emotionally multidimensional and spacious. They have developed a personal interplay where influences, dynamics and intentions float freely between each other, melt together in synergy and explode in abstraction, and where the aim is to create space instead of filling it up. A sort of reconciliatory blues to the great spectacle.
More info here.

Q aka Qarin Wikström new solo debut is out on vinyl! August 31, 2018 09:00

Q has combined her history in freely improvised and abstract music with the rich tradition of Swedish songwriting, while playfully blending genres, references, and influences into her own singular vision. Clear, catchy pop-like melodies join futuristic protest songs, ritualistic forms, and hypnotic polyrhythms, warning us of something ominous but also offering a light at the end of the tunnel. Innovative and divergent, Q’s beautiful and sometimes challenging music brings to mind David Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy and Nico’s “The Marble Index.”

Buy it here

Mikkel Mark Trio "Healing" out on Vinyl! July 6, 2018 09:00

And you can get it right here

Kasper Tranberg: Strawboss June 15, 2018 10:35

With his album, Strawboss, Kasper Tranberg debuts his new international sextet and also marks the first release of the upcoming trilogy “Suite Cobra”.
“Strawboss” is an exciting frame for Tranberg’s heartfelt playing, and is also an explosion of improvisations based on Tranberg's compositions which focus on tonal constructions, abstract soundscapes, longer forms and grooves.

Out today on CD and digitally!


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